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Simply choose any lesson you want to learn or review. Watch a brief video with automatic pauses and test your knowledge with intermediate quizzes, then take the final test.

  • Play the lesson
    Play the lessonChoose a lesson and just play it to learn.
  • Pause and explain
    Pause and explainAt the automatic stops, focus on key points.
  • Finish with the test
    Finish with the testRepeat all question from stops in simple finish test.

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Revisit topics whether you're in the park, at home, or any other place. Just invest 5 minutes of quality time with your child.

  • Anytime for repeat
    Anytime for repeatAt any place with your phone.
  • Easy homework
    Easy homeworkThe app will help you absorb the material easily and effectively.
  • Teacher will receive results immediately
    Teacher will receive results immediatelyReports for the teacher and student are easy and understandable.
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2 guys changing global education

What started as a dorm room project exploded into an internet sensation!

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Andris Kudurs

Behind every revolutionary idea is a personal story, and for Andris Kudurs, it was the desire to provide the best for his daughter. An experienced coach and lawyer, Andris combined his creative thinking with an educational approach to create a system that simplifies the learning of complex concepts.

Janis Dombrovskis

Janis Dombrovskis is not just a software engineer; he is an innovator with a vision. His 17 years of business experience speaks to his ability to adapt educational solutions for different audiences.

Janis Dombrovskis

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